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Smelly Neck and Other Considerations

The things you learn when you have a little one:

  1. No matter how many bibs and swipes you do after the baby feeds, milk + sweat + neck folds = disgusting, repulsive smell. Seriously. It was nasty when I spread a fold near her neck, bending down to give her a kiss, when the aroma hit my face like a bad habit. Wow.
  2. Sleep is very precious. So is brushing your teeth. And going to bathroom without waking up the baby you put to sleep after 30 minutes of bouncing on the exercise ball.
  3. Hearing a newborn laugh for the first time is the most incredible sound in the world. I will be able to say to TD, “I was there when you LOLed for the first time.” W.O.W.

        4. Diaper changing ain’t so bad. Well, as of right now, it ain’t bad. She’s not on solids which I hear is a game changer. Ha.

I know there will be more as I continue to hang out and learn from TD. But, really, #1 blew me away. Ugh. The smell is coming back to me. I really wish I could share the smell with you. When are they going to create scratch and sniff computers?

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