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Got a Cold

It’s time like these that I am not happy to be breast feeding. It’s a combination of guilt + lack of medicine that makes me go cray cray. But, one of many pluses of spending my maternity leave at home is that I get to indulge in some ayurvedic practices to heal a cold.

For my stomach, my mom made rice porridge. Add a little bit of salt, ghee (or vegan butter), and smash up the rice with a small cup to make the rice easily digestible. To accompany the rice porridge, my mom gave me lemon pickle. This pickle is special because it is lemon pickled in its own juice, with ginger, and small peppers. This particular bottle has been aging for 8 years. The warm rice plus lemon is supposed to nourish the stomach, while calming any ailments coming from that area (gas, indigestion, acid reflux).

For my nose, my mom heated 4 cups of water in the microwave. In a bowl, my mom put 1.5 tablespoons of Vick vapor rub and poured in the water. I hovered over the bowl with a towel over me and the bowl. The vapors go into your nose and start allowing the mucous to dislodge. Be careful NOT to open your eyes, unless you enjoy that type of torture.

And finally, for my throat, my mom concocted a special tea called kasaai. She boiled lemon grass, dry ginger, black pepper, and rock sugar together in water for about 15-20 minutes. You have to drink this tea really fast when it is hot. It calms down the throat and soothes your stomach. I only had a third of a cup since I don’t what TD to taste this not so pleasant mixture in her milk.

I hope to get rid of this cold soon. TD is so kissable and it’s hard for me to resist!

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